Brussels architecture today


Curatorship of an initiative to promote contemporary architecture in Brussels

Context has been organising an architecture week since 2019. The first edition entitled “Archiweek” took place in October 2019. The programme was developed by Urban. On the sidelines of this programme. CityTools has proposed, in collaboration with Speculoos, Variable, and photographer Thomas Ost, to organize an initiative to enhance the Brussels architectural scene through 50 interviews entitled "Brussels architecture today".

Mission and process

The project took place in several stages:

  • Launch of a public call for the architecture community. Published via various channels (A +, Bozar, Cellule architecture, BMA), the call aimed to collect answers to two simple questions. A first question invited the participants to designate a recent architectural production in Brussels and explain how it is interesting to illustrate the architectural context of Brussels. The second, more general, asked the participant for an opinion on the Brussels architectural context in general.
  • A jury was organized (in collaboration with Urban, the BMA, the faculty of architecture ULB La Cambre and the magazine A +) and made it possible to select 50 interviews, which were published on the site linked to the Archiweek:, with a map of the projects in order to facilitate visiting the mentioned projects.
  • The objective of the initiative was to highlight the new architectural scene in Brussels, to illustrate certain recent architectural productions, and to inspire the general public to see the qualities of these productions.










Spec uloos


Thomas Ost


Photographs : Thomas Ost