CQD Wiels-sur-Senne


Sustainable neighbourhood contract (CQD)


The Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract (Contrat de quartier durable CQD) here covers a large area between the Parc de Forest and the Senne river, including part of the Saint Antoine and Primeurs neighbourhoods and the industrial wasteland of Charroi. It is a perimeter which brings together very different realities and many ruptures, linked in particular to the presence of a complex of railway tracks.


Our mission focused on developing the programme for the Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract. This document is based on a multi-thematic diagnosis (urban, social, economic, environmental), the identification of intervention priorities and the implementation of an operational renovation programme. All based on a large participative work to ensure a collective construction. The file includes, in the form of project files, the operations to be carried out, the town planning guidelines, the programme, cost estimate and completion schedule.

Our approch

We organised a broad and innovative participative process (citizen forums, walking diagnosis, creation of a physical model, themed workshops). The understanding of the challenges and the vision was built collectively with local stakeholders. A sociological survey on the use of public space, and in particular on the gender dimension, was carried out to feed the project process and the understanding of the neighbourhood. The Saint Antoine district is a dense district at the bottom of the valley, with a vulnerable population. The paradox of the perimeter was to present vast underused open spaces, in particular on the Charroi site, along which flows the Senne. The programme takes advantage of the context and leads in particular to funding several operations to enhance public spaces: between Wiels and the Divercity site, or on the Charroi site. Fine co-production work with associative actors was also carried out to build the CQD's socio-economic programme.












Zeppelin Collectif (landschap)


Surface area

72 Ha