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[24hBrussels is not a CityTools mission but a related initiative, co-founded by Nicolas Hemeleers.]

24hBrussels is an associative initiative which started in 2018 the day after the closing of various party venues in Brussels. Bringing together several people and groups, 24hBrussels wants to broaden the debate on the city at night.

We don't know 'the night' in Brussels nowadays. All public policies, including urban policies, are thought out in terms of daylight hours. However, the night presents specific problems: cultural dynamics, social difficulties (homelessness, health, security), economic attractiveness, mobility and urban organization, environmental issues (noise, light) etc. 24hBrussels therefore advocates for better consideration, better knowledge and better management of issues related to the night in Brussels. The association defends a cultural vision of the night.


This non-profit organization has set itself the ambition of creating a space for dialogue between all the parties concerned about the city at night. 24hBrussels has therefore established contacts with public, municipal and regional authorities, with associations of residents of different districts facing problems linked to the city at night, with those active in the festive nightlife, with those involved in culture reflecting on the theme, and with the associations working on supporting vulnerable groups at night, at both a Belgian and European level.

24hBrussels has set up, with the support of the authorities, several moments of dialogue and reflection, including in particular:

  • Collective brainstorming sessions entitled "MIND THE NIGHT" with all stakeholders (2 editions in 2018 and 2020)
  • Supporting the authorities in the creation of a real “Brussels Night Council”
  • Organization of thematic workshops and working groups (night management, town planning strategy)
  • Organization of the 2020 edition of the Open club day (European initiative for the cultural enhancement of clubs in their districts)
  • Involvement in European networks for thinking about the city at night
  • Enhancement of the cultural heritage of festive life in Brussels: creation of an archive of the night, creation of an interactive timeline on the history of the festival.