CQD Peterbos


Sustainable neighbourhood contract (CQD)


At the end of 2017, the Municipality of Anderlecht obtained the possibility of developing a neighbourhood contract (Contrat de quartier durable CQD) programme intended to renovate the social housing neighbourhood of Peterbos. It is the first time that a neighbourhood of this type has been invested in the framework of an Sustainable neighbourhood contract. It is therefore a fairly specific and homogeneous perimeter in architectural and sociological terms, but grouping together different life and usage situations.


Organisation of a broad participatory process open to all stakeholders in the neighbourhood (residents, associations, traders, workers, residents, etc.), allowing complete preparation of the programming documents for the neighbourhood's renovation.

Our approach

For this mission, we set up an innovative participatory process (walking diagnosis, production of a physical model, citizen forums, themed workshops) allowing the collective construction of a global vision for the neighbourhood. The study made it possible to establish a detailed understanding of the neighbourhood's urban and social contexts. It participated in the revaluation of the image of the site, historically conceived as an "inhabited park". One of the great challenges of the mission consisted in revaluing this town planning in open order, starting from the importance and quantity of green spaces, while also responding to the deficit of collective facilities. On this basis, the team developed a set of priorities, a vision for the neighbourhood's development and an operational programme for the projects. The programme leads to the funding of a large-scale intervention on public spaces, as well as the reconversion of an old car park into an amenities centre to meet diversified needs. In this way, the programme perfectly complements the efforts of the social housing companies active on the site, engaged in the progressive renovation of the towers.












Zeppelin Collectif (landschap)


Surface area

17 Ha