RRU (Good living)


Town planning regulations


A new "Regional Town Planning Regulation" (RRU-Good living).

In light of the major ecological and social challenges facing the Brussels-Capital Region, it is clear that a significant change is required in the way the city is planned and built. The aim is to develop a new culture of high-quality buildings and urban spaces. To achieve this, it is necessary to reform the existing regulations. At the beginning of 2021, the government of the Brussels-Capital Region thus decided to launch a reform of the Regional Town Planning Regulations (Règlement Régional d’Urbanisme), which regulates buildings and open spaces.


The mission initially consisted of organising and accompanying the work of an expert committee set up by the regional government, as well as compiling a report containing diverse recommendations. On the basis of this report, the entire town planning regulation was completely rethought and rewritten, along with the accompanying diagrams and illustrations.


Our intervention involved organising and nourishing the work of the expert committee so as to produce a report that was ambitious in its content yet precise in its recommendations and potential solutions. This process provided a solid basis for the reform, whereby the new text was drafted in a collective manner that brought together all the municipalities of Brussels as well as the regulation's end users.

The new RRU is structured around 3 themes, dealing with :

  • open spaces
  • urbanity
  • livability

The new measures are quality-oriented and particularly ambitious with regard to the environment. The new text is also innovative in its form, with simplified wording and diagrams, as well as the addition of objectives and explanatory elements alongside each regulation. This has facilitated a better understanding of the issues at stake and the way in which each measure is to be implemented.











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